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Welfare breeding cages


Fattening rabbit park

Welfare fattening park

Another way for fattening rabbits

This park is installed on pit and can accommodate about fifty rabbits that will move as they wish and love to climb on the balconies. The park is divided into 2 separate parts, both equipped with hoppers and drinkers. A nice alternative to traditional cages!

Technical specifications

Unit of 2 parks. Length: 2,012 m
Row’s width: 2,09 m – Pit’s width: 2 m
Park’s height: 910 mm – Park’s depth: 997 mm
Wire netting floor
10 rest bottoms / unit + 1 rest bottom / balcony
Automatic feeding: metal hopper + 5 feeding T-squares ramps
1 water pipe+ 4 nipples / park
4 folding wire netting balconies per unit