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Welfare breeding cages

C299 Cage

Multipurpose rabbit cage: maternity and fattening

Multipurpose welfare cage

With a balcony for the comfort of rabbits

This model, dedicated to maternity as well as to fattening, offers 60 cm high cages with balconies. This means extra space for the rabbits and gives them the possibility of standing up.

Technical specifications

Unit of 12 cages of 38 cm, ¼ hopper or unit of 10 cages of 46 cm, ½ hopper
Cage’s height: 60 cm - With balcony 38 x 24 cm
Unit’s length: 2,334 m
Pits’width: 2 m or 1,80 m
Row’s width: 2,08 m or 1,91 m
Automatic or manual feeding

C299 - Dessin technique