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Traditional breeding cages

" MONTANA " cage

Multipurpose rabbit cage: maternity, fattening and waiting

MONTANA multipurpose cage for traditional breeding

So versatile!

MONTANA rabbit breeding cage will adjust to all of your farm’s requirements. Its double-deck design saves space. The low cages are for maternity and fattening and the high ones are waiting cages, with a possibility to put emergency nests in it.

Technical specifications

Unit of: 12 low cages of 38,2 x 91 cm and 12 high cages of 38,2 x 44 cm (with an option for emergency nest) or 16 high cages of 27,2/30 x 44 cm
Length of 2,339 m
Pit’s width: 2 m or 1,80 m
Row’s width: 2,12 m or 1,98 m
Automatic feeding system with spiral, plastic hoppers.

Chabeauti - Vue clapier professionnel MONTANA