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Complementary equipment

Nests washing machine

Rabbit breeding

Nests washing machine

For basin nests and two-sides nests

The four rotary injectors of this machine ensure flawless cleaning of nests and partitions. It is possible to wash about 480 nests per hour. Washing the nests becomes simple and fast!

Technical specifications

Washing of 38 cm or 46 cm nests on slide channel
Washing of basin nests, two-side nests and nest dividers with door without dismantling.
About 480 nests per hour
4 rotary injectors: 2 high and 2 low
Rotating join 1500 t/min maxi; hot water 85° maxi
To be used with a high-pressure cleaner with a flow of water included between 1200 and 1400 l/hour and a pressure of 180 to 200 bars